No Longer a Believer?


Has your intellect taken you down a path of questioning your religious beliefs? If so, you are not alone. This site is different from most of its kind. Specifically it asks: What was your journey from faith to reason? I’m hoping we can share our stories while providing guidance and encouragement to others.

The idea for this site came after my personal migration from belief to reason. You can read my story and others here. Perhaps journalist William Lobdell explans it best in his book Losing My Religion: How I Lost My Faith Reporting on Religion in America — and Found Unexpected Peace.

I’ve just spent eight years crossing a river in a raft of my own construction, and now I’m standing on a new shore. My raft was made of things I gathered along the way: knowledge, maturity, humility, critical thinking and the willingness to face the world as it is, and not how I wish it to be.

We can agree this is not an easy road. Childhood indoctrination, pressure from family and friends, and the beating drum of evangelists, all lead to a system of specious beliefs that are difficult to walk away from.

But for most of us this wasn’t so much a choice as an imperative. Once you free your mind to skeptical inquiry and critical thinking it’s hard to turn back. Nor should you.

The success of this site will, in large part, be determined by participation. So I encourage you to post, read, comment, and share it with any person or group you feel might contribute or benefit. This site has a mission – to become a repository for shared stories of deconversion. A robust community that helps, in a very small way, to push humanity toward a new enlightenment. But it starts with you. What’s your story?